Time For Men To Make Health A Priority

Men’s Health week is held in June each year. Back in 2011 the week had a special focus as it coincided with the release of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare’s report, “The health of Australian males” … To view the complete post,

The Clockwork Body – Why When We Eat Matters

Original article by GI News July 2013 ‘Body clocks are ancient mechanisms that regulate fundamental biological systems important to health, such as insulin secretion, the time we go to bed, the time we get up and the time we get hungry,’ says Dr Joe Bass, associate professor of medicine at Feinberg School of Medicine and of neurobiology and physiology at the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. To view the […]

Fab Food Month 2013 – Week 4 – Dessert

Condensed Milk Lemon Slice Slices of all varieties/flavours were favourites in the 70’s – and nearly all contained Nestle Condensed Milk. Found a great piece about the pronunciation and change to ‘poshness’. “I always think of condensed milk as “Nestles milk”, with Nestles pronounced to rhyme with wrestles, as that was what we called it when I was growing up. None of this fancy “Nestlay” business in my 1970s-80s childhood.” […]

Fab Food Month 2013 – Week 3 – Our Changing Tastes

The 1970’s represented a time when many discovered the flavours of more exotic cuisines such as Indian and Chinese. To view/download/print the complete recipe,

Fab Food Month 2013 – Week 2 – Beef Stroganoff

This week we are onto a main dish. We are sampling the ‘modern’ low-fat version and have included a traditional recipe – not so good for the arteries! To view/download/print the complete recipe,

Fab Food Month 2013 – Week 1 – French Onion Soup

The ’70s are back in full swing this month at Let’s Get Fit. It has been great receiving your favourite recipes and breaking out our groovy decorations. Our first recipe is a classic, French Onion Soup from Jo Maxwell – which is perfect for the colder months. Thanks Jo! To view/download/print the complete recipe,