High-intensity interval training

The popularity of high-intensity interval training is on the rise. High intensity interval training sessions are commonly called HIIT workouts. This type of training involves repeated bouts of high intensity effort followed by varied recovery times. What are the benefits of HIIT? HIIT training has been shown to improve aerobic and anaerobic fitness, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity (which helps the exercising muscles more readily use glucose for fuel […]

Maintaining the habit

‘There is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs’ Five ways to maintain your exercise routine over the holidays: Schedule it in your diary Find times during the week where your exercise is least likely to be replaced with other appointments as we head well into the busy festive season. The upside: you will feel energized and ready to tackle anything tinsel-related. Identify your reason for […]

Fab Food Month Week 4: Healthy ready-made meals

Fab Food Month Week 4: Healthy ready-made meals

Fresh is best, but there are some foods worth having on stand by. Even if you are a super-organised person, there are times you need to rely on quick, go-to options to pull together dinner. For those occasions, LGF has done the groundwork and found a list of the best supermarket foods to have at home so you can make meals on the run and avoid the calorific take-away option. […]