The Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Ki2Life_logoShiatsu is a non-invasive therapy that can reduce stress and contribute to overall well-being. Advocates believe that it has both preventative and remedial effects.

Shiatsu, literally means finger pressure. It is a form of traditional Japanese massage that works on the energy lines (meridians) in the body to bring about balance (health) and peace of mind.

The practitioner uses thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and even feet at times to work specific routines. Shiatsu is traditionally performed on a futon on the floor with the client wearing comfortable clothes.

Shiatsu is based on traditional oriental medicine. The fundamental concept is Ki (Japanese) or Qi (Chinese) which is the vital energy in our body that underlies all functioning. This energy flows in specific pathways called meridians. The shiatsu therapist works along those energy lines to access the Ki and rebalance the flow of it. The practitioner is able to recognise minor signs of imbalance in those meridians through specific diagnostic tools, even before they have established what Western Medicine calls “disease”.

Health is present when the Ki flows unobstructed through its pathways. When the Ki becomes deficient or the flow is obstructed, symptoms arise. This could be regular colds or flu, headaches that emerge regularly, body aches and muscular pain or digestive difficulties or even just a feeling of not being as well as one could be. All those indicate an imbalance of Ki. Shiatsu stimulates and harmonizes the flow of Ki throughout the body.

Shiatsu can be used in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal, internal and emotional conditions. It can reduce muscle stiffness, stimulate the skin, aid digestion, and influence the nervous system. Shiatsu is used to treat a wide range of chronic conditions, such as backaches, including lower back ache, neck and joint pain, frozen shoulder, sciatica, headaches, PMS, digestive disorders, fatigue, insomnia, stress, anxiety, the practitioner tailors the treatment according to the client’s needs. The effect may be stimulating and invigorating or calming and sedative, depending on what the client needs. Advice on exercise, food and lifestyle may also be offered.

Stefanie is the founder of Ki2life. She is a qualified Shiatsu practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience. She is also a Shiatsu lecturer at Nature Care College and the Australian College of Eastern Medicine.

To experience a Shiatsu treatment or want to know more contact Stefanie or 0410 626 199

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