Maintaining the habit

‘There is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs’

Five ways to maintain your exercise routine over the holidays:

  1. Schedule it in your diary

Find times during the week where your exercise is least likely to be replaced with other appointments as we head well into the busy festive season. The upside: you will feel energized and ready to tackle anything tinsel-related.

  1. Identify your reason for exercise

Think about why you are putting in the time and effort to keep fit – it can be as simple as leading a healthier lifestyle.  Having a reason to exercise makes the habit more likely to stick.

  1. Be realistic

Establish small, actionable steps that you can accomplish to maintain the routine.

  1. Be consistent

Exercise is not about perfection, it’s about improvement. Changes in your body composition may be slow to come, but feeling better is worth the effort!

  1. Create a habit you enjoy

Maintaining an exercise habit becomes a lot easier when it becomes part of your routine. Perhaps having a bit more time during the holidays might allow you to try a new type of exercise.

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